Local Authors Night - Sherrie Lynn Clarke, Terry Hutchinson, Paul Zolman

  • Posted on: 11 February 2023
  • By: TanyaMills

Photo of author S. L. Clarke     Cover of S. L. Clarke's book "True Strength"

After Marissa's only child died and her husband abandoned her, it took her years to rebuild her life. Through martial arts, she found the self-confidence to advance in her career, restore old friendships and build new ones, as well as a possible love interest--something she never thought she would want again.

But then all of that is threatened when her estranged husband returns. He seems determined--desperate--to have her back in his life, and he's not afraid to hurt her and her loved ones to get what he wants. Will she find the strength and courage to fight back? Or will she give in to her fear?



S. L. Clarke is the award-winning author of multiple short stories featured in various anthologies. She dabbled in numerous creative hobbies before landing on writing, cementing her love of stories with a Creative Writing degree from Utah State University (but only because she couldn't major in knitting or sewing). Her short pieces range from personal memoir to fiction, touching poetry only when the muse demands. Her women's fiction novel, True Strength, published in July 2021, earned the Bronze Quill award from the League of Utah Writers. Amid mothering four boys and writing, she crochets, reads, goes to the dojo, binges on Netflix, plays computer games, and sometimes picks up her trumpet.



Photo of lawyer Terry Hutchinson, co-author of "The Temple: Pathway to Heaven"     Cover of his book "The Temple: Pathway to Heaven"

"The Temple: Pathway to Heaven makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Latter-day Saint temple worship. It is well written, thoughtful and – at times – surprising. The book will appeal to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to everyone with an academic interest in the faith. Gifford and Hutchinson are to be commended for their erudite scholarship and attention to detail. The publication emphasizes how the destruction of the Temple (both Solomon's and Herod's) affected the understanding and description of the ordinances and festivals, as well as people's relationship with the Messiah. It also ties in the temple practices of modern times with early Christian ceremonies. The book shows how the emphasis on entering God's presence and transformation into the Divine has been a religious theme from the beginning. The writing is illuminating and the book provides an enjoyable read." - Malcolm Adcock, Author of "The Latter-Day Saint Image in the British Mind"



Terry Hutchinson has served on the Washington County School Board since 2017. He is an attorney, has produced a daily book review program on the radio in St. George since 1994 and is formerly the chair of the Washington County Library Board. He co-authored The Temple: Pathway to Heaven with Grant R. Gifford.



Headshot of author Paul Zolman     Cover of his book, "Role of Love"

Demonstrate Love,

All day, Every day!

We all want to be loved, but have you ever considered the way you love others can actually transform YOUR life? The Role of Love is a resource you need to help you in your relationships and life.

Paul Zolman shares his honest journey of overcoming an abusive childhood and how he found love to be the light that illuminated the path. Love plays a vital role in the quality of life. Join Paul on this journey and discover

- How learning to GIVE love away can sharpen your skills to recognize love when it comes your way.

- Why the focus on loving the good in everyone can transform your outlook on humanity.

- What the law of the harvest has in store for your as it relates to love. What you send out (seeds you plant) will come back to you in abundance without compulsory means. (harvest)

Whether you struggle with how to give or receive love, this book will guide you through the roles to understand love better and how to insert this into your life as a major paradigm shift.



Though a successful businessman, Paul Zolman also calls himself a Love Language Linguist and he has developed a die to go along with his book. Each side of the die represents a different love language and he encourages readers to throw the die each morning and live by that language over the course of their day. It will make a real difference to them and those with whom they come in contact.

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