Live Author Event - Matt Bird

  • Posted on: 28 January 2023
  • By: TanyaMills

Headshot of author Matt Bird         


Cover of his novel "Huxley Perdu"

It can be hard to be grateful for what we have, even if we think those things should make us happy. Hux is disappointed with how his life has turned out. He wishes that he could erase things that should make him happy. He feels lost in a world he thinks is constantly against him. He continuously makes decisions that will only make his life worse. The time will come when he becomes truly lost. He will be forced to reform his view on life, and the decisions that form it. In order to survive he will need to choose to change far beyond what he thought was possible. Hux will come to understand that he will never need more than what he has left behind. Through confronting disaster, including himself, he will find what he feared he had lost forever.


Cover of his SciFi novel "Odiosis"

Odiosis is the story of three ordinary people whose lives are transformed forever because of one man's delusion. Odi is faced with a moral decision that could change the flare of the very planet. Sarah doesn't know whom to trust as she is moved around in a sadistic game of chess full of pawns. Alek fights to survive his own losses while trying to dismantle the game he is forced to play. All three must face their challenges if they hope to see a better future.


Cover of his religious book of poetry, "He Atoned for Me"

He Atoned for Me is a compilation of soul-searching poetry. This work expounds on the impact that Jesus Christ's Gospel had in the author's life. While they are written due to specific moments in his life, we encourage you to apply what you can to yours. Though it is Christian in nature, the works found within are non-denominational and available to anyone seeking comfort.



Matt Bird lives in Provo, Utah, close to his childhood home. He is currently studying at Brigham Young University. He wrote He Atoned for Me while serving a two-year volunteer mission in Montana and Wyoming. Matt's father, Brian Bird, was a well-known artist in the community. His father's religious artworks helped to inspire many of the works found within He Atoned for Me, including a poem titled "My Father, The Sculptor." Matt then began to venture into Young Adult fiction. Odiosis: New Shores was published shortly afterwards, followed by his most recent work, Huxley Perdu: Alone.

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