2021 Harry Potter Book Night - "Diagon Alley"

  • Posted on: 3 July 2021
  • By: TanyaMills

The message "Happy Harry Potter Book Night" in gold text above a colorful rendering of Diagon Alley with Flourish & Blotts in the center

Before school starts again . . .

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with an evening in Diagon Alley 

(Green Gate Village in downtown St. George) . . . REGISTER HERE!


  • Start out on the front porch of FLOURISH & BLOTTS (The Book Bungalow) where you'll get checked in, entered for the grand prize drawing, receive a map and directions for the treasure hunt (look for a bag of gold in each participating Diagon Alley shop...when you find it, take it to the cashier and you'll get a sticker to prove you found it), and even get your picture taken for an Azkeban Wanted poster


  • Once inside FLOURISH & BLOTTS, you can stay together or leave your little ones in the Children's Room for 15 minutes of games and activities while you search for the treasure and shop to your heart's content (don't miss out on our Flourish & Blotts tee shirts), but you only have 15 minutes and your kids must leave with you. On your way out the back, don't forget to take a free chocolate-dipped wand (pretzel).


  • Also inside a room in FLOURISH & BLOTTS (due to the heat), you can purchase hand-made wands and learn the craft of magic from Greggarian, an apprentice of Mykew Gregorovitch, descended from one of OLLIVANDER'S apprentices. Greggarian wands are noted for the use of nontraditional woods from around the world.


  • Then head to WEASLEY'S WIZARD WHEEZES (The Barbers of Green Gate) where you can shop for joke items or get a joke (or real) old-fashioned shave while you search for more treasure.


  • Next, it's on to BORGIN AND BURKES and GRINGOTTS BANK (though closed, you'll find displays on the front porches of Cedar Point Design Studio and Cedar Point Homes) to find more treasure and get sorted by the hat. Check out the ghoulish collection on one of the tables while you're there. 


  • Or, you can skip the sorting and head for the tent of one of OLLIVANDER'Sapprentices, to shop for wands and learn some magic tricks. There'll be treasure hidden there too.


  • Once you're sorted, hurry on to QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES/TWILFITT & TATTINGS (Chic Gents) to get fitted for some fine Muggle disguises. (Unfortunately, Madam Malkin's is closed for the evening.) Don't forget to look for more treasure while you're being measured, and check out their new selection of ties!


  • Your penultimate stop will be at SLUG & JIGGERS APOTHECARY (Field Study). Search carefully for your bag of gold here while you get instructions on preparing a couple of different potions, and don't be afraid to buy anything your heart desires of the other items on display both upstairs and down.


  • Finally, it's time for some refreshment at THE LEAKY CAULDRON/FLOREAN FORTESCUE'S ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Judd's Store). There will be plenty of Butterbeer and ice cream cones, plus a small slice of Harry Potter's birthday cake to send you on your way home happy and satisfied.


(NOTE: The event can be free to any of you who have a tight budget, but something like this costs a lot to produce, so we would appreciate any donation you can make when you register to help cover the costs.)

Event address: 
94 West Tabernacle Street
St. George, UT 84770-4087