A Money Mindset for Teens and Young Adults: Practical Lessons and Activities to Attract Wealth, Master Budgeting, Understand Student Debt, and Start B (Paperback)

A Money Mindset for Teens and Young Adults: Practical Lessons and Activities to Attract Wealth, Master Budgeting, Understand Student Debt, and Start B By Sydney Sheppard Cover Image
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Get your financial life sorted with this essential manual on improving your personal finances

Financial management is a life skill not often introduced to millions of young adults, and this deeply affects their future.

In fact, more than half of adults are financially anxious, with most living paycheck to paycheck - not because they have zero money, but because they only have a single source of income, mainly their salaries.

However, their money does not last long as they don't know how to manage their finances well.

Fortunately, you can learn financial management to avoid a similar fate and prepare for a better future.

You might think you're too young to learn about adulting, but that's where you're wrong.

Starting young is one of the secrets to amassing wealth.

Sydney Sheppard, the author of A Growth Mindset for Teens, comes back with insightful tips to guide teens and young adults toward financial freedom.

And this book will serve as your personal finance mentor-slash-coach, walking you through the whole journey of improving your relationship with money.

Read inside to discover:

  • 31 activities covering the fundamentals of personal finances - including budgeting, spending, saving, understanding debt, investing, etc. - to develop your money management skills quickly
  • How to change your perspective of money - debunk money myths and remove limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from valuing your money
  • How to create and maintain a budget - fix your unhealthy spending habits and start spending your money wisely
  • The basics of banking and why you must have your own account - increase your money without doing anything with a powerful tool (hint: it involves compounding)
  • Debt management 101: understand credit scores, build and manage credit, and avoid getting into bad debt
  • How to manage and pay student loans quickly - don't let student debt slow you down
  • Investment opportunities to put your money on - start earning passive income while sleeping
  • Helpful workbooks and 31-day money challenges to quickly help you master your finances

And much more

Managing your finances may be challenging, especially if you need help figuring out where to begin.

But with this must-have manual by your side, you will be able to set your priorities straight and start taking care of your hard-earned money in no time.

You will be equipped with the necessary knowledge about the importance of money management, activities you can easily apply daily, and skills you can use across various areas in your life.

Managing your finances has never been this easy

Take a practical approach to achieve financial independence, even in your teens.

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ISBN: 9781738777228
ISBN-10: 1738777227
Publisher: Sonia Pace
Publication Date: October 21st, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English