Book Clubs

The Book Bungalow offers two book clubs of our own:

  • Influential Women, which meets every first Wednesday evening of the month at 7. All are welcome to join. Pick up our reading list in the store.
  • International Literature (Fiction and Nonfiction), which meets every third Wednesday of the month at 7. Again, all are welcome and you can pick up the reading list (and buy the book) in the store.

Two other book clubs are currently on hiatus:

  • Bad Babes & Books, a feminist-minded group focusing on feminist literature. They meet each first Monday of the month at 7 pm and welcome new members. Their reading list can be found on a flyer in the store. Questions? Call Chavah at 435-703-3356

  • Lit Wits, a Little Feminist book club perfect for ages 8+. They not only read and discuss books, but they create their own feminist storybooks. They meet every other Friday morning at 10 and all are welcome. Questions? Call Chavah at 435-703-3356

If your book club would like to meet at The Book Bungalow, please stop by or call 435-619-8200 to speak to the manager about scheduling.